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Expert installation

Gasket Guy of Niagara has been operating in the Niagara, Hamilton, and Burlington regions for over 10 years. We are the best in the business at taking orders from 1 unit up to 40, our professional on site repair expert will make sure that your unit is sealing and holding precious cold air in your fridge!

Custom Manufacturing

Gasket guy is a company that prides itself on the ability to deliver a quality product within a reasonable time frame. Our ability to manufacture and hand make every order makes sure the product is made right, and it arrives fast! Precise measurements and gasket recognition is our speciality. Trust us, we will meet your deadlines, and we won’t let you down.

FREE Quotes

We offer free quotes to your business to inspect your needs and recommend a solution to your gasket problems. We understand the costs of repair bills and we want to help you keep your costs down! We strive to get you a quote within 24-48 hrs so you don’t lose your cool!

Gasket Guy What We Do.

1. Give fast estimates on broken gaskets.
2. Hand make each individual order for fast turn around!
3. Install gasket ensuring tight seal.
4.  Make your inspectors happy 🙂

Inspector Coming in next week?

Short on time? We understand that food providers are faced with the stressful task of preparing for inspections. Gaskets can sometimes be a hard problem to spot, Our experienced professionals will make sure that we point out any potential gasket problems on any of the commercial refrigerators that operate in your business. Taking a chance of a failing gasket can cost you costly points on your next inspection, don't let these problems fall through the cracks, we provide free inspections for all Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington locations!

Are your Commercial Refrigeration gaskets becoming a problem?

Gasket guy specialises in door seal replacements for commercial fridges. We offer a speedy service, and we can work with whatever type of unit you have! We are very experienced in working with you to make sure that the entire experience from quote to installation is seamless. We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your gaskets and keeping your units working properly and storing your food correctly. Need at quote? Call us at 905 562 9397, its FREE! Gaskets Hamilton, Gaskets Niagara, Gaskets Burlington.

Gasket guy of Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington

We are the ONLY local manufacturer

We guarantee that our gaskets will meet or exceed OEM specifications when made and installed by us. Not only will our gaskets be of the same quality, but we will provide them to you at 20 to 40% less then what you are now paying.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge, we bring tools to deal with all types of different situations, we will adjust hinges, heat up seals to make sure we have proper alignment. If you have a problem we have probably seen it before.

Gasket Guy specialises in hard to fit, outdated, and no longer manufactured cooling equipment. Our trained technicians can accurately analyse your situation and provide a low cost solution to your cooling problems.

Our Valued Customers

Call For Your 100% FREE No Obligations Quote

At Gasket Guy Niagara/Hamilton/Burlington we supply all of our clients and potential customers with free gasket quotes. We will have one of our gasket reps come out to meet you at your location and give you a custom gasket inspection. Our process includes a accurate measurement and full gasket installation services, all of our quotes include installation and all applicable taxes (HST).

Gaskets seem simple but can be very complicated if not installed correctly. There are 100's of different types of gaskets available for the 100's of different makes and models of commercial refrigeration units. Selecting a gasket that has a larger dart, of the wrong thickness can result in gaskets that won't adhere to the door, doors will not properly shut, or doors that arnt think enough to seal on the hinge side of the door. We carry all of the popular brands, but we are also able to retro fit doors on older units. We want to make sure that your door is sealing properly, or what is the point of having a gasket!

We are the leading company for commercial refrigeration gaskets repair serving the Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington regions for the past 10 years! Our expert gasket installation service will make sure that you will have a door seal that is working properly on your commercial refrigeration units. We specialise in all commercial kitchen refrigeration including but not limited to Walk in Coolers/Walk in freezers, Grill Drawers, Reach in stand up, Reach in under line units.

So don't lose your cool, call the Gasket Guy of Niagara/Hamilton/Burlington today!