Providing Gaskets in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara for over 10 years!

Gasket guy of Niagara is not only supplying the Niagara Region with top quality custom gaskets. Our company also services gaskets in Hamilton and Burlington. We supply refrigeration door seals in the entire Hamilton region. We get calls from Ancaster to Stoney Creek and we are happy to provide you with a free inspection of the Hamilton. Our Burlington territory also offers all gasket seal replacements, we can take clients up to the Bronte line QEW exit.

We carry custom commercial refrigeration gaskets for 100's of different manufacturers in the business (some that are not around anymore). Our gasket expert will be able to identify which one of these profiles you need for your unit making sure you don't waste time and money getting the wrong part. From the gaskets that we carry we can supply gaskets for units that include TRUE, CURTIS, MATER BUILT, COLDSTREAM, QUEST, SILVER KING, FOSTER, DELFIELD, COLDMATIC and many more!

Torn and broken gaskets are costing you more money than you think! A 2" by 2" crack can lead to over $100 in lost energy over a years time. Seals with cracks are a breeding grounds for bacteria, posing a risk to keeping your food at it's highest quality. 

We love helping out our local establishments, if you are in the Niagara, Hamilton, or Burlington areas, call us for a FREE inspection!



Gaskets have 4 different types 

For identifying purposes, there are 4 different options depending on how a door or drawer is designed to seal.
  1. Dart NO magnet - Typically used on walk in cooler units, these gaskets are attached using a dart that snaps into a track system, doors that use these gaskets must have a latch system
  2. Dart with magnet- These are the most popular style of gaskets, and are used with a number of the  industries top manufacturers, these can also be tricky as the dart sizes are critical to the gasket working.
  3. Flap NO magnet- Gaskets without a dart must be installed using a sheet of metal or aluminium strapping. This particular style are seen on older units. They are often secured with rivets that need to be drilled out for replacement.
  4. Flap with magnet- Attached the same as the no magnets, these style of gaskets are popular is custom build commercial kitchens, they also need to be drilled out and replaces using stainless steel screws.